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AI vs. The Personal Touch


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Our firm specializes in the personal touch which brings a level of commitment from us and from our clients. Online, it’s called ‘emotional contagion’ – something that AI tools are not able to replicate. We use our interactions with clients and our networks to establish trust and authenticity. This has always been the Business Developers’ most crucial tool in building long-lasting relationships and rapport. 

The use of AI marketing tools can provide insights and analyze data, however, our business relationships require understanding, problem solving and in some cases, creativity. Our assessment of the client’s needs must adapt to their challenges, and we often have to come up with innovative solutions which might not be available for AI algorithms.

In the AEC marketplace, AI marketing tools can be used effectively with structured data, patterns, and predefined algorithms. However human touch is necessary to interpret and respond to this data, and provide a level of understanding beyond what AI tools can currently achieve. 

Finally, the human touch is essential for understanding and adapting to context. Tone of voice, body language, and non-verbal gestures hold significant meaning in communication. This encourages relevant and empathetic responses, which AI tools find currently challenging. We need to know our clients and their challenges in order to represent them and assist them in gaining the reputation and success we believe they deserve.